Any gardener who has planted Rosemary has discovered that this vigorous shrub can quickly take over a large amount of garden space. This is how we first came to distill this wonderful oil. I was cutting it back and could not bear to throw it in the compost so put it in the distillation tank instead. The result was a very strong herbaceous hydrosol and essential oil. I enjoyed using both of these so much that I planted some more. 

Rosemary's name is derived from rosmarinus which means "dew of the sea".  Researchers have preliminary evidence that rosemary does indeed improve memory just as Shakespeare's character suggested with the line, "There's a rosemary for remembrance".  It is stimulating to the nervous system and increases energy, improves poor circulation and helps relieve muscular pain.

Rosemary is also recommended for grief.  

Rosemary is also a premier ingredient in hair care products. It feeds the hair shaft and adds bounce and shine.

The way to use Rosemary Hydrosol is to spray your hair either wet or dry and comb through. The spray is good for the skin as well but keep it out of your eyes. It will help you wake up and generally improve energy level and attitude. Rosemary has anti-bacterial properties so the spray can be used disinfect hands or to ward off germs that may be circling.

The essential oil can be added to shampoo, conditioners or a drop or two rubbed between your palms and stroked through your hair and massaged onto your scalp.  Also cup your hands over your nose and breathe deeply to relieve lung and sinus congestion. It can be added to a carrier oil and massaged into sore joints and muscles. 

Rosemary is also said to relieve nausea but it is too stimulating to use if you are pregnant. 

This is an overview and I will come back to this wonderful oil and tell you some more information on its uses and results of clinical trials.